How Do I Know If My Child Needs An Evaluation?

All children are unique and grow and develop at their own pace. Some children, however, seem to struggle to reach developmental milestones at the expected time and need more help to be successful academically, emotionally, and/or socially.

Child Psych Services offers a variety of evaluation services:

Evaluation Services

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation measures multiple aspects of brain functioning including reasoning skills, processing speed, working memory, language development, visual processing skills, memory, attention, concentration, executive functioning skills, and emotional and behavioral functioning.

Independent Educational Evaluation

An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is an evaluation of the educational needs of a child completed by someone outside of the school system. IEEs are paid for by school districts, and are an option for parents who believe the school district’s own evaluation of their child is incomplete or incorrect.

Parent Consultation

Consultation appointments are available for parents and are typically requested when a child has already been tested/evaluated by another psychologist and/or school personnel and further explanation and review of the findings is desired by the child’s parent(s).


Tailored For Each Child

Just as each child is unique, so is each evaluation. All evaluations include an initial interview during which Dr. Miller will meet with you to discuss your concerns for your child. Information shared is used to develop a specific assessment plan that is tailored to meet your child’s specific needs.

Evaluations can be comprehensive and assess areas typically evaluated in a neuropsychological evaluation or can target a specific area of concern.


Most often, a child’s parents are the first to notice and express concern about their child’s development, and may observe problems in school, at home, or during social interactions with others.

Parents seek evaluation services to increase their understanding of their child’s functioning to guide their efforts to help.

Common reasons evaluations are requested:

  • Your child does not seem to be learning to read as quickly as their peers, and despite your efforts to help them at home
  • Your pediatrician expresses concern over language, social, or motor skills
  • Your child seems to be unable to stay on task, follow directions, or pay attention and/or is too fidgety
  • A teacher reports that your child is struggling to learn, pay attention, or make friends
  • You notice that your child’s behavior seems different from their peers
  • There has been a change in your child’s ability to focus or learn following a sports concussion or other head injury
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