How Do I Schedule an Evaluation?


Call 513-593-2474. If you have a general question or would like to schedule a free phone consultation to determine if your child needs an evaluation, you can call the office or contact me at

Fees and Insurance


I operate under a self-pay or fee for service model and do not take insurance. Some families choose to use out of network benefits, if available to them through their insurance company. To use out of network benefits for my services, you would pay my fee directly to me, and I will provide you with an itemized bill (e.g., superbill) that lists all services rendered and corresponding medical CPT codes, making it possible for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company for your services.

Why Not Bill Insurance?


Oftentimes, evaluations are not covered by insurance companies unless there is a clear indication of “medical necessity”. This is especially true when the reason for evaluation includes academic concerns.

Self-paying for evaluation services allows you to have control over the privacy of your information. When you use insurance, I must provide a mental health related diagnosis and this information is collected in an insurance database and will follow you or your child or teen and may have unforeseen consequences.

This may prevent you from obtaining security clearances, as well as potentially make you ineligible or placed in a higher risk pool for future disability or life insurance.

When you choose to self-pay, the results of the evaluation are released only to you, or to those whom you specifically authorize to receive them.

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Child Psych Services specializes in the neuropsychological evaluation of children and teens, and adults with suspected ADHD. We are conveniently located between the Dayton and Cincinnati area.

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