Independent Educational Evaluation

An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is an evaluation of the educational needs of a child completed by someone outside of the school system. IEEs are paid for by school districts, and are an option for parents who believe the school district’s own evaluation of their child (called an Evaluation Team Report, or ETR) is incomplete or incorrect. This means that you may ask that a professional, competent evaluator who is not employed by the school system conduct another evaluation of your child.

If you request an IEE of your child, the school must provide you with information about where you can obtain such an evaluation. The list of examiners they provide is not exhaustive, and you may obtain an evaluation from any competent examiner that you choose.

School districts may refuse to pay for an IEE, but must then prove that their own ETR is appropriate in a hearing with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). When asking for an IEE, be sure to ask for the district policies and procedures, including criteria for choosing an outside evaluator.

Dr. Miller has many years of experience providing Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) and collaborates with multiple parties including school personnel, parent advocates, and special education attorneys.


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